January 27, 2017 at 10:08 am

NQPI | Director’s Corner

Dr. Eric Stinaff

Dr. Eric Stinaff

By Dr. Eric Stinaff
Nanoscale & Quantum Phenomena Institute Director

Dear Colleagues:

Warmest greetings from Athens, Ohio! Welcome to the 16th edition of the NQPI newsletter; I hope you enjoy hearing the latest research and activities being conducted by NQPI members.

First, please join me in congratulating Dr. Alexander Govorov, who was recently named an Ohio University Distinguished Professor, the highest permanent recognition of outstanding scholarly and creative accomplishments attainable by OHIO faculty. Dr. Govorov’s internationally recognized work on the optical and thermal properties of nanocrystals and nanomaterials is an example of the exceptional research of our members. NQPI now has four active members who have been recognized as Distinguished Professors!

I would also like to congratulate NQPI member Dr. Saw-Wai Hla on his newly granted U.S. patent on ultra-thin superconductors. You can read about the broad range of interdisciplinary research being done by our members, including Dr. David Tees’ work on the properties of cancer cells and Dr. Martin Kordesch’s study of thermionic cathode surfaces. You will learn of the interesting work on extending the “shelf life” of transplanted human hearts by Dr. Tadeusz Malinski, who was recently awarded a prestigious award for his work in cardiology.

It’s a pleasure to highlight our students’ achievements, including 2016 graduates Ramana Thota and Sneha Pandya, who have begun careers at Intel Corp. We have also started an effort to invite alumni who worked with members of NQPI to visit with current students and researchers. Our first guest, 1997 graduate Dr. Petra Stumm, worked with Dr. David Drabold and has a successful career in the semiconductor industry.

Lastly, NQPI has a website that is updated regularly. Please visit www. to learn about the latest NQPI research, grants, publications, event photos and more.

I wish you a productive rest of 2016.

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