July 25, 2014 at 8:21 am

Hla Chairs International Conference on Nanotechnology

Dr. Saw-Wai Hla

Dr. Saw-Wai Hla

An Ohio University physics professor is organizing the 8th International Workshop on Nanoscale Spectroscopy and Nanotechnology (NSS-8), which will be held at the Gleacher Center in Chicago from July 28-31. NSS-8 is a biennial meeting series that shares the latest research advances of science and technology in the nanometer regime.

The conference is being organized by Dr. Saw-Wai Hla, Professor of Physics at Ohio University and leader of the Electronic and Magnetic Materials and Devices group at Argonne National Laboratory in Argonne, IL.

The conference is being hosted by Argonne National Laboratory and sponsored by Ohio University’s Nanoscale and Quantum Phenomena Institute, which is also sponsoring the travel of six physics and astronomy graduate students to the conference: J. Perry Corbett, Heath Kersell, Kyaw Zin Latt, Sneha Pandya, Yuan Zhang, and Ramana Thota.

This 3 ½ day workshop will have sessions focused on novel nanoscale materials, as well as on the techniques used to study them. Topics include electronic, optical, magnetic, mechanical, and transport properties of nanoscale systems and nanoscale devices, as well as nano manipulation.

“Nanoscale materials are at the forefront of current research, as well as the keystone for whole new classes of applications. Research discussed at this conference might lead to more powerful cell phone batteries, intelligent molecular machines, or even a better understanding of how bacteria react to antimicrobial agents,” said Volker Rose, NSS-8 co-chair and a physicist in the X-ray Microscopy Group at Argonne National Laboratory.

Keynote speakers include Maki Kawai, a researcher at RIKEN, Japan; Peter Littlewood, Director of Argonne National Laboratory; Edward Vicenzi, a research scientist at the Smithsonian Institute; and Roland Wiesendanger, a professor at the University of Hamburg, Germany.

Previous workshops have been held in Trieste, Italy; Tokyo, Japan; Washington, D.C.; Rathen, Germany; Ohio; Kobe, Japan; and Zurich, Switzerland.

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