June 24, 2020 at 10:21 am

NQPI Director’s Message | Spring 2020

Eric Stinaff, NQPI Director

By Dr. Eric Stinaff
Nanoscale and Quantum Phenomena Institute 2020 Spring Newsletter

Dear Colleagues:

We hope this newsletter finds you safe and healthy. With the global spread of COVID-19, these past months have certainly been a challenging time. As our daily routines have been upended and our personal and professional interactions transformed, it is valuable to look back at the accomplishments of our colleagues, not only to keep our connections but to remind us of the community we have and the collaborations we can look forward to. A special thank you to Jean Andrews, Ling Xin, Rachael Beardsley, Katelynn Nichols, and Nancy Sandler for their extraordinary efforts in putting together this newsletter during this unusual time. We hope you enjoy reading it.

I would like to congratulate Andreas Weichselbaum, who worked with NQPI member Sergio Ulloa, receiving his Ph.D. in 2004, on his receipt of the 2019 Notable Alumni Award from the College of Arts & Sciences. It is always exciting to see the great accomplishments of our students and members.

It is a pleasure to welcome Faiz Rahman to NQPI. We are delighted that he chose to come back as a faculty member in the Russ College of Engineering and Technology following his time at OHIO as a Stocker Visiting Professor. His expertise in optoelectronics and photonics are a welcome addition to NQPI and will certainly build our strengths in this important area.

Even in the face of major disruptions, our members continue to produce exciting research results. Katherine Cimatu and her group have been investigating promising polymers for cornea replacement while Sasha Govorov and colleagues have published work on chiral plasmonic nanocrystals which provides insight into chiral photochemistry and may advance applications in biochemistry and drug development. Also, a team led by Sergio Ulloa has been investigating magnetic impurities in two-dimensional materials, and recent NQPI member Travis White and his group have reported on their exciting work on earth abundant photosensitizers. Such examples highlight the continued strength and impact of NQPI members.

Like many, we have had to cancel or postpone events such as the annual NQPI Poster Session and Retreat. Though this has been difficult, we are adapting and planning for when we can gather again. Until then, we continue to look for new ways to support our students, members, and colleagues.

Please enjoy the newsletter articles and visit our website to learn more. Stay safe!

-Eric Stinaff, NQPI Director

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