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Happy Beginnings | Bruno Receives Blue Ribbon and Harvard Acceptance

Jack Bruno

HTC Physics Senior Jack Bruno's Blue Ribbon Research Ohio University Honors Tutorial College senior physics major Jack Bruno describes his award-winning summer research over Lake Michigan and his hopes for the future. Top on his list– move to MA and attend graduate school at @Harvard. #LakeMichiganOzoneStudy #SocietyofPhysicsStudents Posted by Ohio […]

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May 1, 2019 at 3:02 pmNews Research

Cambridge Sabbatical Mingles Research, Networking

NQPI member David Drabold (center right) poses in Cambridge, England with Nobel laureate
Venkatraman “Venki” Ramakrishnan (center left) and his sons, Will (left) and Edward (right). Drabold
spent last spring at Trinity College during his sabbatical. (Photo courtesy of David Drabold)

By Ryan Flynn NQPI editorial intern One might not think history and physics regularly coincide. However, Distinguished Professor of Physics and Nanoscale and Quantum Phenomena Institute member Dr. David Drabold steeped himself in both this past spring by taking sabbatical at Trinity College in Cambridge, England. While in Cambridge, Drabold met with […]

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December 6, 2018 at 1:12 pmAlumni Research

Drabold Delivers Invited Talks at Petra School of Physics in Amman, Jordan

Dr. David Drabold, Distinguished Professor

Dr. David Drabold, Distinguished Professor of Physics & Astronomy, is an invited speaker at the 9th International Petra School of Physics on “Nano Physics: Fundamentals and Applications” in Amman, Jordan in October. Drabold will lecture on “Disorder on the nanoscale: ab initio simulations of amorphous materials” and “Electrons and phonons […]

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October 8, 2018 at 3:32 pmResearch

OHIO Team Shows Existence of Three-Dimensional Phases of Amorphous Graphene

This image represents an 800-atom FEAR model of amorphous carbon at density 0.95 gm/cc. Spheres represent carbon atoms. Orange atoms are members of amorphous graphene subnetwork.

By Amanda Biederman NQPI editorial intern A team of Ohio University researchers and their collaborators used a theoretical model to characterize the physical properties of certain samples of amorphous carbon and showed that these materials are, in fact, connected and distorted fragments of amorphous graphene in an article published in […]

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August 27, 2018 at 12:53 pmNews

Drabold Group Visualizes Electric Conduction in Computer Memory Materials

The authors modeled space-projected conductivity of several CBRAM materials. In this figure, oxygen atoms are shown in red, copper atoms in blue, and aluminium atoms in green.

By Amanda Biederman NQPI editorial intern In a paper published in Rapid Research Letters this week, a team of current and former Ohio University researchers reported a new theoretical method to determine the electrical conductive properties of a type of material that is important for the development of new computer […]

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July 5, 2018 at 9:39 pmAlumni Research

NQPI Graduate Student Receives Nepalese Student Scholarship

NQPI Graduate Student Receives Nepalese Student Scholarship

By Raymond Humienny NQPI editorial intern Bishal Bhattarai, an Ohio University condensed matter physics Ph.D. student, was awarded the 2017-18 Vishwa S. Shukla Memorial Scholarship. Bhattarai is working under the direction of Distinguished Professor of Physics Dr. David Drabold, a Nanoscale & Quantum Phenomena Institute member. Bhattara is the author of […]

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May 2, 2018 at 4:34 pmNews

Rojas Solorzano and Bhattarai Present Flash Talks at Supercomputer Conference

Tomas Rojas Solorzano

Two Ohio University Physics & Astronomy graduate students presented flash talks at the Ohio Supercomputer Center Statewide Users Group (SUG) spring conference. OSC clients in fields spanning everything from astrophysics to linguistics gathered to share research highlights and hear updates about the center’s direction and role in supporting science across […]

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April 7, 2018 at 11:53 amResearch