February 22, 2017 at 11:49 am

NQPI | Govorov Honored in Distinguished Professor Ceremony

Dr. Alexander Govorov was honored in a portrait unveiling ceremony last Monday. Also pictured: OHIO interim president Dr. David Descutner and fellow Distinguished Professor Dr. Gerardine Botte.

By Amanda Biederman
NQPI editorial intern

Physics & Astronomy Professor and Nanoscale and Quantum Phenomena Institute member Dr. Alexander Govorov was recently named a 2016 Distinguished Professor. This honor is the highest permanent recognition granted to faculty members at Ohio University.

Govorov shares last year’s honor with Communication Studies professor Judith Yaross Lee. Govorov is the fourth NQPI member to earn this distinction. He is preceded by Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering professor Gerardine Botte, Physics and Astronomy professor David Drabold, and Chemistry and Biochemistry Professor Tadeusz Malinski.

Govorov was honored on Monday in a ceremony led by OHIO Interim President David Descutner. During the event, a video interview with Govorov was presented, highlighting his achievements in his research and in the classroom. In the interview, Govorov said he felt honored to have been chosen from a community of strong professors. He said the honor was “both a responsibility and a good feeling.”

“Sometimes people say you cannot predict the future. But in some way we can predict, a little bit,” said Govorov, who joined the OHIO community in 2001 after earning his Ph.D. in physics from the Institute of Semiconductor Physics in Russia. “But I could not predict that I (would) become a Distinguished Professor at an American university. It’s amazing.”

Govorov addressed the OHIO and Athens communities on Monday in a formal lecture. He discussed his work on the optical properties of nanocrystals. Govorov uses theoretical modeling to demonstrate how light interacts with materials. He explained the basis of his research and potential applications in the advancement of small electronics and other new technologies. For more information on Govorov’s research, visit for an upcoming article highlighting some of his recent work.

Govorov’s Distinguished Professor portrait, which was unveiled during the ceremony, was taken by OHIO senior university photographer Ben Siegel. Govorov’s portrait joins the collection of official Distinguished Professor portraits, which are available for viewing in Alden Library. .

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