May 15, 2020 at 3:26 pm

Biological Sciences Students Selected for Summer Internships with EnviroScience

Several students majoring in Biological Sciences at Ohio University have been selected for summer internships with EnviroScience, an Ohio company that excels in ecological consulting, ecological restoration, marine services, and biomonitoring freshwater environments. Below are profiles of the student interns:

Darby Ricks is a sophomore here at Ohio University and is currently in the process of switching her major from Marine Biology to Wildlife and Conservation Biology.  She feels as if wildlife conservation is a more broad major and you are able to do more with it.  Darby is originally from Columbus, Ohio.  She did not want to stay in Ohio for college but after touring Ohio University, she couldn’t resist the beautiful campus.  As of right now, Darby is still unsure about her career aspirations.  She is hoping her internship with EnviroScience will give her lots of different experiences which will help steer her in the right direction.

Maria Grilliot is a senior here at Ohio University studying environmental biology.  Maria originally wanted to attend Ohio University to run on the cross country team.  Also, both of her parents went here and she loved the overall homey and small town feel Athens has to offer.

Maria originally came into school as a freshman majoring in sociology but after her first semester, she realized she wanted to change it.  Her second semester of freshman year involved taking various kinds of classes to figure out what she was most interested in such as chemistry, journalism, and biology.  It was not until she took an environmental geology class that she decided what to major in.

Maria’s career goals include wanting to work in the water management field, fish ecology, or taking out dams on the Colorado River.  She is hoping this internship will help her get a job by opening various opportunities.

Mary Reichle is a second semester senior here at Ohio University studying Marine Biology.  Mary originally decided to attend Ohio University because of the marching band, and because of the exceptional Marine Biology program in the Department of Biological Sciences.

Ever since Mary was little, she has been obsessed with little creatures.  She spent a lot of time at the creek behind her house looking for minnows and crawfish which is what initially sparked her interest in biology.  It wasn’t until a vacation she took to the beach with her friends made her realize Marine Biology was what she really wanted to do.

Mary’s is currently in between loving animal care, but also interested in field work. She is currently unsure what her career aspirations are but she is hoping this internship will give her some clarity as well as give her experience with something she has not been able to do yet.

Daniel Mondale is a junior here at Ohio University majoring in environmental science.  He is originally from Minnesota but his mother is a fellow Bobcat which made his interest spark in Ohio University.  He chose this major because he grew up fishing, camping, and was always outside which made him develop a strong appreciation for nature.  Mondale is also a science minded person and has always been good at it although it took him a few years to figure that out.  Daniel’s career goals involve trying to improve the environment by working in the field.  He wants to work for an environmental consulting company after graduation which will hopefully transition into a long term career.  Daniel is hoping his internship with EnviroScience will give him lots of hands on experience and skills that he can use in his future careers.

Article by Kaitlyn Lyons

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