Researcher Looking for Interview Subjects

Abby Dubisar is asking you to participate in a research study. Abby is an English professor at Iowa State who studies persuasion. The purpose for this interview-based study is to explore the rhetorical strategies of women farmers and food workers. In particular, Abby Dubisar would like to interview you about […]

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RWSA Conference and Housing Registration On-line in January

On-line conference and housing registration for the May 2018 RWSA triennial conference at Ohio University will become available in mid-January 2018. For further information, contact Katherine Jellison at jellison@ohio.edu.

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Message from the Chair | Chemistry & Biochemistry, New Building

Dr. Stephen Bergmeier, Professor and Chair of Chemistry & Biochemistry. Photo by Ohio University / Jonathan Adams.

Fall 2017 By Stephen C. Bergmeier Professor and Chair of Chemistry & Biochemistry Department Greetings to all of you, our alumni and friends! This year has seen many advances for our department, setting us on an exciting path for the future. Planning for construction of a new chemistry building and […]

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WAWH Call for Papers

WESTERN ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN HISTORIANS CALL FOR PAPERS 50th Annual Conference UC Davis Conference Center, Davis, CA April 26-28, 2018 Proposals Due: Sunday, October 15, 2017 The Western Association of Women Historians (WAWH) invites proposals for panels, roundtables, posters, workshops, and individual presentations in all fields, regions, and periods of […]

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From the Chair | Honoring Professor Norman Cohn

Dr. Morgan Vis

By Morgan L. Vis Professor & Chair of Environmental & Plant Biology Greetings PBIO alumni and friends, It has been a busy year. In this newsletter you will find a few highlights from the past year. Before I note those, please see the first news item about our upcoming event in […]

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Garden Internship 8/8/17

Today at the garden Charles, Lauren and I went to work on a stretch of overgrown weeds along fencing by the compost pile. We used a corn knife, lawn mower, scythe, clippers and shovel. The job took about 2 hours to complete. After the weeds were cut down we smothered […]

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Garden Internship – 8/1/17

Today I worked alongside my fellow intern, Charles, to take down bamboo that had grown inside of the fencing and a stretch of weeds that had grown out of control. The tools we used were a corn knife, shovel and clippers. It took us just about 3 hours to complete […]

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