Climb to the Top: Field Camp Puts Seniors to the Test

Allison Durkee ’13 has already been to the top of the world. At least that’s what the wooden signpost said. “Top of the World Store and Hotel … supplies and gas.” Somewhere in the northern Rockies. But there was no hotel for Durkee and the other students in the geology […]

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Fire to iPhone Theme: The Technological Human

College of Arts & Sciences faculty are tackling the challenges of the 21st century by building interdisciplinary and team-taught courses around a new set of curricular themes. From Fire to iPhones, human beings have always engaged in developing new technologies to improve their work, quality of life and relationships with […]

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Minutes of the Meeting of Rural Women’s Studies Association Meeting, 2013

Minutes of the Meeting of Rural Women’s Studies Association Meeting June 15, 2013 Banff Centre List of those present: Cindy Prescott; Katherine Jellison; Linda Ambrose; Jenny Barker-Devine; Jeannie Whayne; Rachel Kleinschmidt; Maggie Weber; Anne Moore; Barbara Steinson; Jodey Nurse; Andrea Gal; Sara Egge; Claire Strom; Pamela Riney-Kehrberg; Anne Effland; Ruth […]

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Updating the Classics

April 5, 2012 Tim Smith Five Books Interviews is a blog (part of a larger site called The Browser) which is a source of consistently great ideas for More Stuff to Read. Here’s the description of what this site is all about: “Each day our editors interview a renowned authority […]

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