April 26, 2020 at 12:21 pm

Olivia Gemarro Awarded Sociology-Criminology Engagement Award

Olivia Gemarro, portrait

Olivia Gemarro

Ohio University junior Olivia Gemarro was awarded the Sociology-Criminology Engagement Award by the Sociology & Anthropology Department.

Gemarro is majoring in Sociology-Criminology.

“It is no surprise that Olivia Gemarro was selected for the Distinguished Engagement Award for sociology-criminology,” says Dr. Amanda Cox, Assistant Professor of Instruction in Sociology. “Olivia is an outstanding student who not only makes her coursework her top priority, but brings her own experiences, intellect and knowledge to the classroom to the benefit all those who have class with her.

“In addition to exhibiting these qualities, Olivia leverages her passion, open-mindedness, and sense of justice to help students who find themselves in legal trouble. As a valued representative for Students Defending Students, Olivia strives to provide clients ‘with personalized advice and care throughout their disciplinary process,'” Cox adds. “Likewise, in her interactions with peers and professors, as well as in her work with Students Defending Students, Olivia is accepting and kind. Olivia is exceptionally deserving of this award, and those of us who have taught her look forward to seeing what she will accomplish next.”

Gemarro also was inducted into Alpha Kappa Delta and Alpha Phi Sigma.

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