October 1, 2020 at 5:35 pm

Alumni News | Alison Stine, ‘Changed Forever’ by Athens

Alison Stine, portrait

Alison Stine

Ohio University alumna Alison Stine, Ph.D. ’13 reflects on the 13 years she’s spent in Athens in an Ohio Today magazine column headlined “Our town family.”

“Uniquely integrated, the small town of Athens and Ohio University exist together like the honeysuckle that climbs around and over so many trees in southeastern Ohio. Students are part of the social and economic health of town, but they are also given the unique opportunity to change Athens—and to be changed forever themselves,” writes Stine, who came to Athens for a Ph.D. in English. And stayed.

“As I write this, I have lived in Athens County for going on thirteen years. Like many people now, I am uncertain what the future holds for town, for the University, for the world. I have to believe that it matters that we were here in Athens, that we are here. I have to believe that what makes Athens unique—the spirit of giving, strangers helping strangers—will help it now. I have to believe it will continue: the community and its hope,” she says.


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