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May 18, 2020 at 8:41 am

Alumni News | KBO Quotes Lovelace on ‘Bridge too Far’ Catchphrase

Alexander Lovelace, portrait in office

Alexander Lovelace, Ph.D. candidate

KBO Ch. 4 carried an AP story which quotes Ohio University alumnus Alexander Lovelace, Ph.D. in History,  in a story headlined “‘A bridge too far’: Coronavirus catchphrase taken from WWII.”

“Who knew?” said Alexander Lovelace, who just earned his doctorate in American military history at Ohio University after defending his dissertation on the role of the media in shaping Allied strategy in World War II, of the new use of the phrase popularized by journalist and author Cornelius Ryan with his 1974 book “A Bridge Too Far.”

“It is something that kind of works it way into popular culture without really thinking about it,” Lovelace said. “I guess it is a little odd comparing wearing a face mask to the Second World War.”

…Lovelace, 31, a native of the Baltimore area, made use of the Cornelius Ryan Collection in the Ohio University library during his doctoral research.

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