March 30, 2020 at 6:01 pm

Working from Home | From Concerned to Coping

Dililah Gonzalez and her dog

Dililah Gonzalez and her dog

By Dililah Gonzalez ’22
Ohio University

Last Monday was the start of online classes and working from home. I am one of those rare people who actually enjoys getting up and starting my day with the intent of going to a physical class/ work space.

So, when I learned OHIO was moving to remote learning I was concerned. I was overwhelmed simply moving all my belongings back home to Cleveland from my hOUme in Athens. I am even more overwhelmed with the amount of new ways we are contacting our professors and doing our work.

After Week 11, or what seems like Week 1, I think I have developed new ways to stay sane and organized during this weird time.


My daily planner and my year supply of Post-it Notes have become my new best friends. Staying in contact with my professors and advisers has been more important to me now than ever before, and doing little things around my apartment like cleaning and exercising keeps me motivated for what this year continues to offer.

One way I’ve been remaining free of anxiety and stress is by journaling. I journal about what I am grateful for, my ideas for the future. And I practice my creativity with drawings.

All and all, the times we are in are a learning experience for everyone. I am excited, anxious, curious, etc. how this all progresses.


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