April 9, 2020 at 5:25 pm

Career Corner | ‘My Experience with the Virtual CLDC’

resume illustration with multiple hands raising resumes

By Dililah Gonzalez ’22
Ohio University

The Career and Leadership Development Center at Ohio University is a great resource for students to receive career and leadership coaching, go to mock interviews, and get resumes reviewed. This week I’ve been utilizing the virtual workshops that the CLDC offers to learn how to write a perfect resume and cover letter.

I thought this would be a good workshop to listen to because I am always finding ways to perfect my resume and good examples of successful cover letters. The virtual workshop began with an activity that allowed me to brainstorm every area of responsibilities I’ve had over the years. These areas included jobs, events, and volunteer experiences. This activity also called for us to provide detailed descriptions for tasks/duties that were required of each area.

From there, I learned some excellent tips on how to sound humble, but assertive in my cover letters and the general organization of a resume. Reaching these resources was very simple. When I decided this was my task for the week, I simply just went to the Student Affairs section of the OHIO website and everything I was looking for was there. I think this is a great resource for other students and faculty to utilize while they are home.

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