April 4, 2020 at 1:29 pm

‘I Still Got It!’ | Rediscovering Talent in Old Hobbies

Dililah Gonzalez modified this tweed set.

Dililah Gonzalez modified this tweed set.

By Dililah Gonzalez ’22
Ohio University

With all the amount of free time that I have acquired during quarantine, I have made it my mission to find what my skills are. I have picked up old hobbies in hopes to see that “I still got it!”

While growing up, I loved the arts. My parents also put me in a class for every form of fine arts. I was in dance, violin, pottery, sewing … I even took acting classes.

Last week I started with my forever passion in life, fashion. I remembered that I had thrifted some great pieces from Athens Underground and other secondhand stores that I wanted to restyle. These pieces included, some t-shirts, a pair of jeans, and an amazing tweed coordinated set. Around my apartment I found my sewing machine, which was in great condition, some fabric dye, and a century supply of yarn and thread.

Dililah Gonzalez bleached one leg of her jeans.

Dililah Gonzalez bleached one leg of her jeans.

I decided to tie dye my t-shirts, bleach one leg of my jeans, and turn my tweed set into a trendy skirt and cropped jacket. There was a lot of trial and error doing all these projects, especially with the tweed set. I sat at my sewing machine for four hours adjusting and readjusting the size and length of the set. At one point I was reading my Reader’s Digest Guide to Sewing to understand exactly how the bobbin thread was suppose to be placed.

Overall, I got some great work done with my week in recycling style. I have showed my work off to family and friends, and they, too, have become inspired to pick up some old hobbies that they thought they’d lost. One great thing about rediscovering old talents, is that you can find your greatest passion in them.



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