March 30, 2020 at 11:15 am

Spring Break 2020 | Working Out and Looking for Creative Vegan Options

Danita Pitts-Medley, left, and a friend shopping during break.

Danita Pitts-Medley, left, and a friend shopping during break.

By Danita Pitts-Medley ’21
Ohio University

I am an extremely active person, so over spring break even though I did not go somewhere fun I was able to find something active to do every day of break.

First off, I started my break by going back home to Cleveland to spend more time with my family. For the first day, I had a little movie night with my family and we got snacks and watched movies. Then the next day, I met up with my friend, who is the friend I ended up spending time with everyday with during break, to go to the Cheesecake Factory. We also went to different little shops in Legacy Village and made it a whole day event.

I am also a DoorDash delivery driver, so throughout the week for lunch and dinner time I would log into the application to gain more money that way. I did this in order to be active and to enjoy the break and to get outside more and get more fresh air.

Before the outbreak of the COVID-19, I was able to go to the gym with my friend to gain more knowledge on better ways to work my way around the gym. This became the foundation of me working out every day since. Continuing with this day, my friend and I went to a vegan pizza shop because as a new vegan it is hard for me to constantly find new vegan recipes for myself and to be creative.

As the week went on I got a little stressed out because of the various of emails about the COVID-19 virus and the overload of emails. Then on Saturday, my friend and I went to the grocery stores to get groceries (not hoarding them). We got a little stressed out because of the increasing demand that people have of obtaining so much food and toilet paper that when we went the shelves we empty.

Then towards the end of the week I went to this vegan restaurant with a friend from OU called Brassicas. The food was really delicious and afterwards we went to a shopping mall and we spent a couple hours there. We went to Sephora, Urban Outfitters and a little coffee shop.

Also, as the week progressed and more information about the coronavirus was released, the closing of the university and the campus jobs made me worried. However, I then started looking for jobs back at home. I applied for two jobs in the Cleveland area, and then I started looking for jobs in Athens because I currently live off campus here.

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