March 30, 2020 at 12:17 am

Spring Break 2020 | Safe at Home But Missing Friends & Coworkers

2020 Graduation Cap isolated on white background. 3D render

By Hayli Flynn ’20
Ohio University

Weeks before spring break, I was so eager to go home to spend time with my family—because I missed them and it meant we were roughly a month away from graduation. But as we all know, a few days later everything would change.

Due to the virus, people our age were/are more worried about missing their senior year, not being able to say goodbye to their friends, or not being able to party anymore. But they should look at it from a different perspective—that they get to be home with their families and in a safe environment, even if being home may not be ideal for all students because everyone has different lives.

I am personally so glad that I get to be at home, safe, and with my loved ones. Don’t get me wrong, I’m bored out of my mind and I’m overwhelmed with homework, but I’m grateful that my family and I are together and healthy.

It also helps that I have been keeping in touch with my friends and making an effort to talk to them as much as I can. I still talk to my coworkers who have become some of my best friends, and I am glad that I never took my time with them for granted because I was the oldest and only one graduating. But I still wish I had more time to spend with them goofing around, helping our boss around the office, making copies, and door dashing almost every day. But I know that virus is just making our friendship even stronger and once all of this is over, the gang is getting back together.

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