January 29, 2020 at 3:35 pm

Waterbury Publishes Article on Populist Nationalism in Hungary

Dr. Myra Waterbury, portrait

Dr. Myra Waterbury

Dr. Myra Waterbury, Professor of Political Science at Ohio University, published an article called “Populist Nationalism and the Challenges of Divided Nationhood: The Politics of Migration, Mobility, and Demography in Post-2010 Hungary” in East European Politics and Societies, an international, interdisciplinary journal for the examination of critical issues related to Eastern Europe.

The article is part of a special issue on “Politics and the Current Demographic Challenges in Central and Eastern Europe.”

In her article, Waterbury looks at Hungary after 2010 “to investigate the ways in which the concomitant trends of mobility, migration, and demographic decline may intersect to both challenge and bolster the discourses and policies of nationalist, populist governments in Central and Eastern Europe today.”

Waterbury is currently teaching POLS 4310/5310 Politics in Eastern Europe and POLS 4490/5490 Nationalism/Ethnic Conflict.

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