September 5, 2019 at 9:49 am

Waterbury Part of Oxford Foundation Research Grant

Dr. Myra Waterbury, portrait

Dr. Myra Waterbury

Dr. Myra Waterbury, Professor of Political Science, is part of a research team that has been awarded £29,408 from the Oxford Noble Foundation Programme on Modern Poland, with Prof. David J. Smith and Dr. Andreea Udrea of University of Glasgow as co-PIs.

Waterbury is part of the grant team with her project “Divided Nationhood and Multiple Membership: A Framework for Comparing Polish and Hungarian Kin-State Policies,” which she presented at the workshop titled Poland’s Kin-State Policies: Challenges and Opportunities (Warsaw, Poland, 23-24 May 2019). Members of the Polish government attended the workshop, and the research group had a pre-workshop meeting with the head of the Polish Community Association (STOWARZYSZENIE “WSPÓLNOTA POLSKA”), which is the main organization that oversees funding from the Polish government to Polish diaspora communities.

The grant-related meetings will continue and a special journal issue is now in the works as the culmination the workshop and project.

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