January 13, 2020 at 8:43 am

Agensky Publishes Article in Third World Quarterly

Jonathan Agensky, portrait

Dr. Jonathan Agensky

Dr. Jonathan Agensky, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Ohio University, just published an article in Third World Quarterly, titled “Who Governs? Religion and Order in Postcolonial Africa.”

In the article, Agensky argues that religion and governance intersect to create political order in sub-Saharan settings and that this reflects enduring dynamics between postcolonial states and the Global North. According to the abstract of the article, in sub-Saharan Africa, religion has a protracted history in postcolonial hybrid governance, overlapping the regional presence of international non-govermental organisations following decolonisation. Using the example of South Sudan, Agensky builds on existing analyses of religious-political activities that leave their collective implications under-theorised.

Agensky’s research addresses intersections of religion and international political order, and the importance of non-state actors in crisis management. He has conducted fieldwork in South Sudan, Kenya, United Kingdom and the United States.

In Spring 2020, Agensky is teaching POLS 3520 International Peace and POLS 4765/5765 Postcolonial Politics – online, for the first time. He also teaches POLS 4640/5640 Global Humanitarianism; POLS 2500 International Relations; and POLS 6500 Seminar in International Politics.

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