April 19, 2019 at 1:09 pm

NQPI Seminar Series: Xuan Gao Discusses Layered Crystalline Structures

Xuan Gao

Dr. Xuan Gao

By Ryan Flynn

NQPI editorial intern

On April 4, Case Western Reserve University Professor Xuan Gao visited the Athens campus of Ohio University to present as part of the Nanoscale and Quantum Phenomena Institute seminar series. OHIO faculty and students gathered in Clippinger Hall to hear about Gao’s topic of research: experimental condensed matter physics.

Specifically, the Gao research group looks at substances with layered crystalline structures, like that of graphene. The group has found that atomically thin substances can be used as semiconductors, which is quite useful for transistor devices. Gao’s presentation focused on the specific substance indium selenide, which he said has ideal electronic properties.

“It works really well as a transistor for future nanoelectronics,” Gao said, referring to the use of indium selenide in technology that is mere nanometers in size.

Gao became acquainted with NQPI through the research of various members, such as Dr. Nancy Sandler, Dr. Eric Stinaff, and Dr. Sergio Ulloa, whom his work relates to. While at OHIO, he also had the opportunity to meet with several doctoral students and talk about their research.

“I found it very impressive,” Gao said. “Not just the faculty, but also the post-doc students here, they are very excited about research and also they do very high-quality, interesting work.”

Gao said he hopes for future collaboration with NQPI. He noted that the synergy and overlapping research interests among NQPI members makes for a good environment for collaborative and interdisciplinary research.

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