November 26, 2019 at 5:15 pm

Glidden Visiting Professors Investigate Electronic Properties of Materials

Edson Vernek and Daiara Faria share a research focus on nanoscience, leading to exciting collaborations with colleagues at Ohio University.

Edson Vernek and Daiara Faria share a research focus on nanoscience, leading to exciting collaborations with colleagues at Ohio University.

By Ling Xin
NQPI Editorial Intern
Nanoscale and Quantum Phenomena Institute 2019 Fall Newsletter
Appointed in consecutive years, Glidden Visiting Professors Daiara Faria (2018-19) and Edson Vernek (2019-20) share a research focus on nanoscience that have led them to exciting collaborations with colleagues in Ohio University’s Physics & Astronomy Department.

Both physicists seek to push the boundaries of understanding electron properties in materials. Coming from Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro State University, Faria works with Dr. Nancy Sandler on the properties of graphene, especially the effects of mechanical strains and deformations on the electronic properties of graphene membranes. Vernek is from the Federal University of Uberlandia in Brazil, and he specializes in the theoretical studies of nanoscale electronic systems and the description of materials when unusual properties arise due to strong interparticle interactions.

While here, both Glidden Professors are expected to provide insights into local experimental work as well as ongoing theoretical efforts, create synergy among different research groups and promote the spirit of international collaboration, said Sandler and Dr. Sergio Ulloa who is Vernek’s main collaborator at OHIO.

The Robert and René Glidden Visiting Professorship program supports short-term academic appointments for distinguished visitors to OHIO. Faria’s and Vernek’s award, each totaling around $27,000, came from a variety of sources, including the Glidden Program, Physics & Astronomy, College of Arts & Sciences, and NQPI.

Earlier this year, Faria also shared with the OHIO Margaret Boyd Scholars her experiences of organizing social activities in Brazil, including what she did to maintain a basic working environment at her home university and community-based science outreach. She loves her life in Athens, especially its music, culture and diversity. Vernek has also picked up his favorite sport— soccer—in Athens, and he and his family are looking forward to an exciting year ahead.

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