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November 6, 2018 at 8:22 am

Post Quotes Tadlock in ‘How Athens Has Been Disempowered by Gerrymandering’

Barry Tadlock, portrait

Dr. Barry Tadlock

The Post quoted Dr. Barry Tadlock, Associate Professor of Political Science, in a story headlined “The Blue Island: How Athens Has Been Disempowered by Gerrymandering.”

Beyond just heavily favoring Republicans, this district also presents a unique challenge to its representative, Ohio University political science professor Barry Tadlock said.

Both Stivers and Neal are from the Columbus area, a vastly different region when compared to Southeast Ohio. To properly represent the district would involve spending lots of time in vastly different communities learning about the issues in each town, Tadlock said.

“It necessitates a person who really embraces the idea of trying to represent all of the diverse areas in a district,” Tadlock said. “I think that can be really, really hard.”

Read more in the Post.

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