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February 4, 2019 at 3:01 pm

Athens News Talks to Poggione about D.C. Internship Program

Dr. Sarah Poggione, portrait

Dr. Sarah Poggione

Dr. Sarah Poggione, Associate Professor & Chair of Political Science at Ohio University, was quoted in an Athens News story headlined “OU’s new D.C. internship program focuses on public service.”

Program co-director Sarah Poggione, who also chairs OU’s political science department, said one of the goals of the program is helping students understand “how their own interests and passions intersect with politics.”

By working on Capitol Hill, students also learn more about politics and policymaking.

Poggione agreed, noting that it’s crucial for OU to have a presence in D.C. to “advocate for higher education generally and here in our state.”

“We serve the people of Ohio and the Appalachian region, so our presence in D.C. can also help bring attention to issues and problems affecting Ohioans and the people of our region,” she said. “It’s important then that our students be part of the process of developing innovative solutions to the challenges facing our country and world.”

Read more in the Athens News.


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