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November 9, 2018 at 8:47 am

Post Quotes Elliott-Dorans on How Internet Is Shaking Up Elections

Dr. Lauren Elliott-Dorans, photo taken outside.

Dr. Lauren Elliott-Dorans

The Post quoted Dr. Lauren Elliott-Dorans in an article headlined “How the Internet Is Shaking Up the World of Political Elections.”

Elections differ in candidate platforms and voter turnout during every cycle. Technology, a driving force behind elections, changes based off of the time as well. Dr. Lauren Elliott-Dorans, Assistant Lecturer for Political Science at Ohio University, said that the popular tools used to reach voters depends on the time period.

“TV ads became prevalent almost as soon as we had television. Before that it was radio ads,” Elliott-Dorans said. “Campaigns are really adaptive when it comes to new technology to reach voters, especially doing it cheaply.”

…“In terms of mobilizing volunteers, the internet has been tremendously helpful,” Elliott-Dorans said.

Read more in the Post.

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