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September 26, 2018 at 8:09 am

Post Quotes Poggione on Possible Ohio Blue Wave

Dr. Sarah Poggione, portrait

Dr. Sarah Poggione

Dr. Sarah Poggione, Associate Professor & Chair of Political Science at Ohio University, was quoted in a Post article headlined “Election 2018: Is the ‘Blue Wave’ coming to Ohio?

“While I think there is a lot of evidence, even here in Ohio, that there will be a Blue Wave, or at least more than just the typical midterm pickups from the democratic party, the bigger indicator is that you have competition in areas that were never that competitive,” Sarah Poggione, a professor of political science said.

Poggione said that she thinks wave elections depend on which party has higher turnout. She said at this point potential Democratic voters are showing a lot more excitement.

“When you look at polls, you have a stronger proportion of Democrats indicating that this is a really important midterm election year compared to what typically happens and then a somewhat lesser proportion of Republicans who say the same thing,” she said.

Read more in the Post.

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