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September 18, 2018 at 8:04 am

Poggione: ‘Women Have Different Perspective on Issues’

Dr. Sarah Poggione, portrait

Dr. Sarah Poggione

Dr. Sarah Poggione, Associate Professor & Chair of Political Science at Ohio University, participated in a “Women in Politics” panel, part of the Ohio University Associated Press Sports Editors “90 Minutes Series,” on Sept. 12.

Her Campus reporter Hannah Moskowitz quoted Poggione in coverage of the event:

“Women have a different perspective on issues that men will never face, such as gynecological issues, but continue to only receive press coverage about their appearance, their family/children, hair, clothing, ultimate looks, or even their laugh,” said Sarah Poggione. Poggione studies women in politics and sees that it is necessary for the different views of women to be shown and discussed.

The “90 Minutes” series, which is now in its third year, creates discussions on politics, racism, sexism and global topics.

During the talk, student moderator Katie Pittman led four women in a discussion about the obstacles that have prevented them and their peers from taking their rightful places in the halls of politics.

The other panelists were: Cleveland.com political reporter Mary Kilpatrick; Republican State Representative Christina Hagan; and Democratic State Representative Catherine Ingram

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