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May 3, 2018 at 11:47 am

WOUB Outlet Quotes Chang on ‘Queer Representation in Video Games’

Dr. Edmond Y. Chang, posed in front of window

Dr. Edmond Y. Chang

Anna Turner at Outlet on WOUB Digital quotes Dr. Edmond Chang, Assistant Professor of English, in a story headlined “Queer Representation in Video Games.”

According to Chang, another one of the reasons queer representation is lacking in gaming is because the structure of the games themselves doesn’t leave much room to tell other kinds of stories.

“I think of the things that frustrated me when I played the first Dragon Age was your character is paired with like, another character who kind of becomes your companion for the whole game but he’s not romanceable – he’s not same-sex romanceable. And so that’s the frustrating thing is that if it’s not coded into the game, it’s not possible,” Chang said.

Chang says queering the very foundation used to develop games can widen the scope of stories that are told, and this is exactly what Wilson is doing as a creator of a new game series called Gender Arcade.

Read more of the interview with Chang and Waverly Wilson, a queer student at Ohio University studying integrated media who is also the president of the Game Developer’s Association, a student org for those who are searching for a game development career.

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