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March 11, 2020 at 11:23 am

LeMay Interviews Berry Grass about ‘Hall of Waters’

Eric LeMay, portrait

Dr. Eric LeMay

Dr. Eric LeMay, a host on New Books in Literature, interviews Berry Grass about a new collection of essays titled “Hall of Waters.”

LeMay is Associate Professor of English at Ohio University.

“Grass’s aim is nothing less than to demythologize the American Midwest. Grass wants us to see something like the true history of the land and the culture from which the Midwest arose, one built on systemic racism, exploitation, marginalization, and violence. At the same time, Grass tries to reckon with what it meant for them to grow up, as Grass puts it, “queer and trans in such a toxic environment.” The result is a book that’s dazzling in its variety and steadfast in its vision: to see clearly how the white dominant culture of the Midwest obscures the land to which it laid claim and the nature of who and what it is, all in the hope of a clearer and truer vision of who we are and how we might, in the end, be accountable to ourselves and one another,” LeMay writes.



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