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June 13, 2014 at 11:35 am

WOUB: Kapela Reads Nightmares and More with Rouzie

Poetry enthusiast Dr. Albert Rouzie, Associate Professor of English and Director of Composition at Ohio University, interviews Ohio University alum and rising poet Steven Kapela ’12 on WOUB‘s Conversations from Studio B.

Steven Kapela '12

Steven Kapela ’12

Kapela majored in Creative Writing and graduated from the College of Arts & Sciences at Ohio University. He is now a graduate student in the M.A. program in Creative Writing: Poetry.

Kapela shares a few of his own works, including Privacy Platter and Distant Signals on the segment on “Poet Steven Kapela Shares Somber Words.”

Kapela reads from his poem Nightmares…”I don’t want to call my poem thrilling, but it has an element to it that I haven’t been able to capture in other poems. This poem Nightmares…when I wrote it, I’m always looking to my dreams as an inspiration, but I find that a lot of dream poetry can be sometimes difficult to read or difficult to decipher because of course we all have strange dreams, and how long to you want to listen to someone talk about their dreams. So I personify my nightmares as actual people…in my living room essentially drinking coffee and kind of ignoring me….”

Listen to Kapela read Nightmare and more.

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