May 23, 2018 at 4:51 pm

Minutes of the Rural Women’s Studies Association (RWSA) Meeting, 2018

Rural Women’s Studies Association

RWSA Business Meeting

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Kudos to Katherine Jellison as meeting organizer. Invitation to others to join the organization, and to check out the FB page and blog.

Approval of minutes from Grand Rapids: moved by Debra Reid, second by Cherisse Jones-Branch, moved. One small correction:  Guelph is one hour west of the city of Toronto.

Election of officers: Need a new second secretary; need someone to replace Katherine Jellison as co-coordinator when we have secured an organizer for the 2024 organizer. Margaret Thomas-Evans will be co-newsletter editor with Rebecca Montgomery.

Discussion of need of International Membership and Communication Coordinators. People will be contacted to see who will continue. Those who have been inactive will be contacted. Tracy Hanshew will additionally work with activist groups, and non-academic groups as US membership coordinator. Jodey Nurse Gupta will take over as Canadian coordinator.

Graduate Student Coordinators: Title of position will be changed to “graduate student and emerging professionals” coordinator because of the problems of capturing graduate students over three year span. Diane MacKenzie will be added as a graduate student coordinator.  Weber, DeHart and Patton will be contacted to see if they want to continue as emerging professionals.

Will now list Cynthia Culver Prescott as Social Media Coordinator. Angie Carter as co-coordinator.

All of these nominations and changes were accepted and approved.

Financial report by Jenny Barker Devine. Concerns expressed about defrauding of non-profit academic organizations. Concerns expressed about refunds to those who are no-shows. Agreed to set a cut off date for future conferences beyond which names of those not registering will be removed from the program, and beyond which refunds will not be given, except for very serious reasons, such as visa denial.  The financial report was accepted and approved.

Plans for RWSA Conference, May 13-15, 2021, Guelph, Canada.

Will host in Guelph, one hour west of Toronto, at what is essentially the Ontario land-grant.

Theme: Kitchen Table Talk to Global Forum (approved)

Program Committee:


Members: Kathy Jellison, Cathy Wilson, Jenny Barker Devine, Margaret Thomas Evans, Jodey Nurse Gupta, Amy McKinney (program design), Tracy Hanshew. Non-North American position remains open.

Local arrangements: Linda Ambrose, Rebecca Montgomery, in addition to people from Guelph

Fund raising committee: Cathy Wilson

Charitable Giving Tool for fundraising through FaceBook discussed. No fees for 501 (c) 3s. Will only pay out when it gets to $100 to direct deposit. Also possible, Amazon Smiles. Mary Larson will investigate. Will be an item on the agenda in 2019. Thanks to Jenny.

Host for Triennial Conference in 2024. Possibly with Cindy Prescott at University of North Dakota. Possibly at the Henry Ford with either ALFAM and/or Agricultural History.  Possibly at Arkansas State University, hosted by Cherisse Jones-Branch.

Social Media Report: Please send your news! Could possibly use a Google Listserve of members. Please send in your suggestions and items for the blog. It takes multiple contacts to get any one blog post in. In 2021, unless you opt out, your abstract will be fair game for the blog. RuralWomensStudies.wordpress.org

Timeline Countdown deadlines: approved.

Next meeting will be the Ag History conference in Washington, D.C., spring 2019.

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Pamela Riney-Kehrberg

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