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April 20, 2018 at 7:58 am

Gallipolis Daily Tribune Writes about Scott Moody, ‘Ivy Leagues’ in Bidwell


Dr. Scott Moody talks about toads at Science Cafe.

Dr. Scott Moody

Dr. Scott Moody, Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences, was featured in a Gallipolis Daily Tribune story headlined “‘Ivy Leagues’ show up in Bidwell.”

BIDWELL — River Valley Advanced Placement (AP) students had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Scott Moody, a professor at Ohio University and a recruiter for Ivy League schools.

Keeping with the theme of “Diamonds in the Rough,” RV students are continually being encouraged by their teachers to achieve more than they expected of themselves. A recent article in the Gallipolis Daily Tribune which featured Sharla Moody being accepted to Yale, fits this theme of excelling despite where you are from.

Scott spoke with students about the challenges and expectations when attending a major school, especially coming from a poor area like Appalachia. Scott, having grown up in rural Nebraska on a farm, attended a one room school house growing up.

Reporter Morgan McKinniss charts Moody’s full ride to Harvard, followed by a master’s and a doctorate from the University of Michigan. “He has spent almost the past 40 years teaching in the medical and biological field at Ohio University,” she writes.

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