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March 22, 2021 at 10:02 pm

Miles Says UC Santa Cruz’s Sinervo Had Big Impact on Study of Species, Climate Change

Dr. Donald Miles, portrait

Dr. Donald Miles

Dr. Donald Miles, Professor of Biological Sciences, commented on the loss of a colleague in a UC Santa Cruz story headlined “Influential evolutionary biologist Barry Sinervo dies at age 60.”

Sinervo’s longtime collaborator Donald Miles, professor of biological sciences at Ohio University, said Sinervo’s integrative perspective enabled him to see connections that broadened the impact of his work.

“Where other people would see bits of the puzzle, Barry would see the whole picture,” Miles said. “He’s arguably one of the major contributors to our understanding of evolutionary processes and of species responses to climate change. He had a big impact not only with his publications but also through his teaching and the training workshops he organized in countries all over the world—he touched so many people.”

Read the UC Santa Cruz story.

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