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October 8, 2013 at 9:06 am

Logan Daily: Moody Talks About Sasquatch Evidence


Dr. Scott Moody

Dr. Scott Moody

From the Logan Daily News, Oct. 7:

NEW STRAITSVILLE — The sight of almost a quarter of New Straitsville’s population packing into the Rural Action Monday Creek Restoration Project (MCRP) recently for a presentation about sasquatch was almost as surprising as seeing sasquatch himself.

Scott Moody (Associate Professor of Biological Sciences) of Ohio University, presented his own scientific conclusions about various pieces of sasquatch evidence in New Straitsville during a Friends of Monday Creek gathering.

Whether they were believers, skeptics, or just plain curious, the meeting attracted more than 100 attendees from as far away as San Diego, Calif.

Read the entire article.

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