July 12, 2016 at 1:58 pm

30 Arts & Sciences Faculty Awarded Promotions

Congratulations to the College of Arts & Sciences faculty whose promotions were approved at the June 23-24 Ohio University Board of Trustees meeting.

“It is always a great pleasure to read the dossiers of the faculty being considered for promotion and tenure,” says Robert A. Frank, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences. “Year after year, I am deeply impressed with the personal accomplishments and dedication of the faculty with respect to the outstanding research, teaching and service that is chronicled in each dossier.”

Promoted to Professor

Cynthia Anderson, Professor, Sociology

Marilyn Atlas, Professor, English

Andrew Escobedo, Professor, English

Mary Jane Kelley, Professor, Modern Languages

Daewoo Lee, Professor, Biological Sciences

Alexander Neiman, Professor, Physics & Astronomy

Jill Rosser, Professor, English

Vladimir Vinogradov, Professor, Mathematics

Promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure

Roberto Duncan, Associate Professor with Tenure, Economics

Muriel Gallego, Associate Professor with Tenure, Modern Languages

Michael Held, Associate Professor with Tenure, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Brandon Kendhammer, Associate Professor with Tenure, Political Science

Shawn Kuchta, Associate Professor with Tenure, Biological Sciences

Eric LeMay, Associate Professor with Tenure, English

Kimberly Rios, Associate Professor with Tenure, Psychology

Peggy Zoccola, Associate Professor with Tenure, Psychology

Promoted to Senior Lecturer

Alfred Lent, Senior Lecturer, Philosophy

Promoted to Associate Lecturer

Rebecca Challenger, Associate Lecturer, OPIE

Erica Coffelt, Associate Lecturer, OPIE

Rebecca Collins, Associate Lecturer, Sociology

Ella Datsenko, Associate Lecturer, OPIE

Heather Edwards, Associate Lecturer, English

Sally Hatfield, Associate Lecturer, OPIE

Kathryn Hille, Associate Lecturer, OPIE

Andrea Johannes, Associate Lecturer, OPIE

Jeremy Morris, Associate Lecturer, Philosophy

Abraham Reshad, Associate Lecturer, OPIE

Roberta Roberson, Associate Lecturer, Sociology

Aaron Schwartz, Associate Lecturer, OPIE

Matthew Stallard, Associate Lecturer, English


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