September 17, 2019 at 9:57 am

LeMay Wins 2019 CutBank Chapbook Prize for ‘Remember Me’

Eric LeMay, portrait

Dr. Eric LeMay

Dr. Eric LeMay, Associate Professor of English, wins the 2019 CutBank Chapbook contest for “Remember Me: An Essay.”

LeMay’s long essay will be published as a chapbook by CutBank, the literary journal of the University of Montana, in 2020.

The CutBank Chapbook Contest honors three works of “startling, evocative, and beautiful new writing” in prose and poetry each year. Eric’s chapbook took top honors alongside two runners-up who will also be published next year.

Some praise from the judges for Eric’s chapbook-length essay:

“It’s a cancer story told with the focus on memory. It becomes less about cancer and more about legacy, and that’s something I’m excited to read, particularly because this meditation on legacy feels so earnest and urgent, and at times achingly desperate.”

“This piece is powerful in its tenderness. Some lines I loved for their beauty or perceptiveness, some for the rawness of the emotion they either evoked or conveyed.”

“Gorgeous and moving and technically sound. I haven’t been able to forget it.”

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