October 21, 2015 at 11:19 am

Psychology Offers One-Stop Shop for Academic, Career & Graduate School Advising

The Psychology Advising Fair held in October.

The Psychology Advising Fair held in October.

Psychology now offers students seeking academic, career, or graduate school advising a “one-stop shop” in the revamped Psychology Advising and Resource Center in Porter 206.

This facility provides students with a computer lab, digital and text-based resources in the center’s library, and a conference room and meeting space for students to meet with advising staff to receive degree related guidance on academic and career-related activities.

Dr. Susan Tice-Alicke, Assistant Chair for Undergraduate Studies in the Psychology Department, envisions the Advising and Resource Center’s work as “a facility and staff to serve undergraduate Psychology majors and minors by providing them with the knowledge and skills to navigate the next four years. We also provide numerous resources for students to explore the field of psychology and prepare them for graduate school or psychology-related careers.”

Additionally, this semester the advising staff expanded resources aimed at graduate students, which include providing teaching assistance and sample materials for first-time lecturers, information related to program requirements, and assistance in applying for academic and applied career positions.

Walk-in Advising Hours & Advising Tracks

Experienced graduate advisers are available during walk-in advising hours to assist students in meeting degree requirements, selecting courses, or addressing other academic-related issues.

Students also can discuss the requirements for the department honors program, fieldwork and undergraduate research experience, and the many advising tracks and specializations students may pursue with their psychology degree (e.g., health psychology, clinical and counseling, human resources). These advising tracks provide recommended interdisciplinary academic experiences, degree minors, and certificate programs aimed at supporting the student’s interest in a specific academic focus within the field.

Career Advising

In line with the center’s mission to not only maximize students’ undergraduate experience at Ohio University, but also to prepare students for future graduate study and psychology-related careers, the center provides dedicated career-related services.

Students can meet with advisers who specialize in their post-graduation career goals, access the American Psychological Association’s graduate school database and psychology related career postings through the center’s computer lab, or peruse the center’s library for resources on graduate school admissions, career-related information, and writing assistance and study skills.

The center hosts numerous events throughout the year, including the Psychology Fieldwork and Research Fair, the Graduate School Fair during the spring semester, and events aimed at preparing students for applying to graduate school, taking the Graduate Records Examination (GRE), scheduling classes, and securing work experience or an internship during their years at OHIO.

In preparation for Spring Semester registration, the advising center staff hosted an Academic Schedule Planning party on Oct. 20 for undergraduate Psychology majors. Staff were joined by Psi Chi peer mentors to help students develop a tentative schedule. Students were encouraged to bring their current DARS and their appetite for pizza.

Contact the Psychology Advising and Resource Center

For more information on upcoming events hosted by the Psychology Advising and Resource Center and the services it provides, visit Porter 206 during walk-in advising hours, email, or follow @OHIO_Psych on Twitter.

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