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December 10, 2021 at 3:52 pm

Class of 2021 | Haley Hautzinger did everything on her bucket list

Haley Hautzinger is ready for Commencement in her black gown.

Haley Hautzinger is ready for Commencement.

Haley Hautzinger emptied her bucket list at Ohio University. She crosses the Fall 2021 Commencement stage with two majors and a ton of memories.

“Despite COVID, I was able to accomplish everything I wanted to do at OHIO. I was able to study abroad, be the president of a student organization, and become a Bobcat Student Orientation Leader and a Learning Community Leader while staying on top of my academics,” she said.

Hautzinger is earning two majors from the College of Arts & Sciences: a B.A. in Sociology-Criminology and a B.S. in Psychology. She also earned a Certificate in Law, Justice & Culture and a Forensics Studies Certificate. Earlier this year she was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa.

Haley Hautzinger at the Giant's Causeway

Haley Hautzinger at the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland

Right before the pandemic, Hautzinger spent spring break in Northern Ireland with 21 other students studying human rights, law and justice over the conflict known as the troubles.

“This was an experience of a lifetime, and I was super fortunate this study abroad trip continued as planned because I know there were a few trips that got canceled due to the coronavirus,” she said. “Traveling home was a completely different experience due to flight delays and tighter security, but we all made it home safely.” (See Spring Break 2020 | First Study Abroad Trip in Northern Ireland.)

Hautzinger’s next step after graduation is applying to master’s programs for forensic mental health counseling and also looking for positions in a clinical setting.

Fellow bobcats at the Dunluce castle

Fellow Bobcats at the Dunluce Castle

Q&A with Haley Hautzinger

Q: Who were your favorite professors and how did they make an impact in your life?

A: I’ve had so many incredible professors over the 3.5 years I have been at OHIO. A few who stand out to me are Dr. Susan Tice-Alicke, Dr. Amanda Cox, Dr. Holly Ningard, and Dr. Thomas Vander Ven. I had the privilege of working alongside Dr. Tice-Alicke for two years being the learning community leader for her class. She was always supportive in my role as the LCL, and she taught me valuable skills about being a leader. Dr. Cox, Dr. Ningard and Dr. Vander Ven are professors in the Sociology & Anthropology Department who went beyond the lectures to have real conversations about the topics we were learning about, which taught me the real-world impacts of social issues on everyday people.

Q: What was your ah-ha moment at OHIO – that point where you said to yourself “I’ve got this”?

A: My ah-ha moment was at the beginning of the spring semester my first year when I started my work study position and I started being a research assistant. These positions added more in my schedule but I found I was able to juggle work, academics, and my social life while becoming more acclimated to campus.

Q: What was the hardest hill you had to climb at OHIO? And how did you overcome challenges or obstacles in your path?

A: The hardest hill I had to climb was the first full year of online classes due to COVID. I felt really disconnected from my academics and my peers, which made it difficult to do my school work. One thing that helped me was focusing on my future goals, and in order to be successful I needed to buckle down on my academics and get the work done.

Q: What are your favorite OHIO memories?

A: Some of my favorite memories at OHIO are exploring the different hiking trails, attending the hockey games, late nights at Alden with friends, Front Room hangouts before class, and craft nights in Baker.

Q: What is one thing you would tell a new OHIO student not to miss

A: I would tell a new OHIO student to not miss out on those little in-between moments. These are the moments you will look back on when you reflect on your experiences at OHIO. Go to that student organization meeting, grab coffee with your friends, have a picnic on college green, attend a movie at the Athena, go to the recreational ice skate at Bird Ice Arena, or grab ice-cream at Whit’s Frozen Custard.

Editor’s Note: The Happy Beginnings series features recent College of Arts & Sciences graduates who are getting started in careers, graduate school and service.


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