April 27, 2015 at 8:39 am

Recent Grad Petersen Now Studies Machine Learning, Spectroscopy, Aerosol Science

Recent Physics & Astronomy graduate Greg Petersen ’13 Ph.D. wrote his dissertation on “Anderson Localization in Low-Dimensional Systems with Long-Range Correlated Disorder.”

His adviser was Dr. Nancy Sandler, Associate Professor of Physics & Astronomy at Ohio University.

Greg Petersen '13Ph.D

Greg Petersen ’13Ph.D.

“I studied the role of structural and chemical disorder on the electronic states of one- and two-dimensional nano-structures. I’ve changed fields since graduating and have since moved on to the study of machine learning, spectroscopy, and aerosol science. In my new role, I have gained experience in electrical and mechanical engineering while leading the algorithms group to address such challenges as detection of bacterial auto-fluorescence and processing spectroscopic signals created by light-induced breakdown (LIBS),” says Petersen, who is an engineer at TSI Inc.

“In the future I would like to stay along a technical track and either head an R&D department or possibly return to academia,” he adds.

“My advice to current graduate students is to travel as much as you can. It’s harder to find the time and opportunity to do so in the future. It can change your life.”

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