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Physics & Astronomy Alumni News 2010 to Present

Karina Avila-Coronado, Ph.D. 2014, is a postdoctoral researcher with Professor Annette Zippelius’ group at Georg-August Universitaet, Goettingen, Germany. Avila-Coronado did her doctoral research in condensed matter theory with Horacio Castillo.

Daniel Bergman, B.S. Applied Physics 2001, went to the University of Toledo after graduating from Ohio University and acquired a Masters of Science Professional of Photovoltaics degree in 2013. He currently lives in Toledo with his fiancée and works at First Solar in their Quality and Reliability department testing the long-term reliability of their thin film solar module.

Tianjiao Chen, B.S. Physics & BE Mechanical Engineering 2011, went on to obtain her M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, graduating from MIT in 2013. She has a patent for a rotary-bed reactor design that applies the chemical looping combustion technology. She currently lives in Wilton, CT, and is a design engineer working for ASML, a major provider of lithography systems for the semiconductor industry.

Andrew Dilullo

Andrew Dilullo

Andrew Dilullo, Ph.D. 2013, is now a postdoc in Argonne National Lab. He did his doctoral research in surface science with Saw Hla. He won the NQPI Best Dissertation Award.

Dilupama Divaratne, Ph.D. 2014, reports that she has moved to Englewood, OH, where she is a Visiting Assistant Professor in Physics at Miami University in Oxford, OH. During the Fall Semester, she taught two sections of a lab and lecture combined Scale Up classes. She meets with the students two times a week for 2.15 hours. In the spring semester she will again be teaching classes using Scale Up. Dilupama reports that she loves Scale Up teaching and has an outstanding room to work in at Miami. Some photos were made of her teaching that appeared in the local media and the President of Miami University is coming to view the class. Divaratne completed her doctoral dissertation in experimental nuclear physics under the direction of Carl Brune.

Tejinder Kaur, Ph.D. 2013, is the Principal Consultant at Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets in Richardson, TX. She and her husband, Piyush Verma (J Warren McClure School of Information and Telecommunication Systems alum) welcomed a new baby, Jasmine Verma, in December. Tejinder did her doctoral research in condensed matter theory under the direction of Nancy Sandler.

Wenzhi Lin, Ph.D. 2011, and his family live in Los Alamos, NM. Lin is presently a postdoctoral research associate at Los Alamos National Laboratory. His research interest is focused on using scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy to explore photophysics of semiconductor nanocrystals with an emphasis on applications in solar energy conversion and light-emitting devices. Lin did his doctoral research with Art Smith.

Gcina Mavimbela, Ph.D. 2012, is a Lecturer of Physics at the University of Swaziland in Kwaluseni, Swaziland. He did his doctoral research in condensed matter theory with
Horacio Castillo.

Kellen Murphy, Ph.D. 2014, reports that he is the owner of Cardinal Computing Consultants Inc., a rapidly growing information technology company headquartered in Athens,
OH. Cardinal Computing Consultants specializes in small business information technology and residential technical support/training services and serves all of central and southeastern Ohio. He is married to Holly, and they have identical twin two-year old daughters, Hope and Lily. Murphy did his doctoral research with Doug Clowe.

Gayani Perera, Ph.D. 2011, is now a postdoc at Brookhaven National Laboratory. She did her doctoral research in surface science with Saw Hla.

Greg Petersen, Ph.D. 2013, is an Algorithm Engineer at TSI in Minneapolis, MN. On a personal note, he got married this past July to another Ohio University graduate, Mahin
Shahlari, who earned a Ph.D. in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. Petersen did his doctoral research in condensed matter theory under the direction of Nancy Sandler.

Daniel Sayre, Ph.D. 2011, was recently hired as a staff scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). He has been a postdoc at LLNL for the past three years, where he has been, and continues to be, part of the group responsible for neutron and gamma-ray measurements from inertial confinement fusion experiments at the National Ignition Facility. He did his doctoral research in experimental nuclear physics under the direction of Carl Brune.

Kyle Uckert, B.S. 2010, reports that he is still working on his Ph.D. at New Mexico State University on the optimization of IR spectroscopy and mass spectrometry techniques for the
identification of subsurface biosignatures. He spent quite a bit of time underground this last year doing fieldwork in caves in New Mexico. He also had the opportunity to travel to Cueva de Villa Luz (a toxic cave full of sulfuric acid and hydrogen sulfide in Mexico) with National Geographic to demonstrate the operational capabilities of a portable NIR spectrometer they’ve developed. (He says he is mentioned as “other scientists.”)

Joel Vaughn, Ph.D. 2010, during this past year started Wolfram-Labs, which offers R&D for hire services, and manufactures automation components/systems. He reports that it has been a wonderful adventure! Before leaving Sandvik Hyperion, he was awarded Inventor of Year (2013). His doctoral research was directed by Marty Kordesch.

Kangkang Wang, Ph.D. 2011, currently lives in the San Francisco bay area and works at Seagate Technology. At Seagate, he is working toward extending the magnetic recording technology into the future, by focusing on the magnetic characterization of media and studying recording physics. He did his doctoral research with Art Smith.

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