September 11, 2013 at 9:01 am

A&S Faculty Get New 1804 Fund Awards for Research

Almost half of the faculty and graduate student research projects announced by the Ohio University Foundation Board’s 1804 Fund committee include Arts & Sciences faculty.

The committee this week announced  $265,475 for faculty research and graduate student research projects and $215,475 to 11 projects for undergraduate learning for the 2013 academic year. The 1804 Fund fosters innovation and collaboration across disciplines. The fund supports projects that focus on excellence in undergraduate education, faculty research and graduate studies and supports the University’s core mission of “maintaining, strengthening, and enhancing a learning-centered community.”

Awards Involving A&S

Project: Enhancing 3D Imaging Research at Ohio University: Acquisition of a MicroCT Scanner to Replace and Upgrade Current Capabilities
Recipients: Lawrence Witmer, Biomedical Sciences; Jundong Liu, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Scott Hooper, Biological Sciences
Amount funded: $75,000
Description: The new scanner, which replaces a decommissioned one, is a major research tool for OHIO faculty and students in biomedicine, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, paleontology, and engineering.

Project: Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry Equipment for CHEM 4760L
Recipient(s): Michael P. Jensen, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Amount: $18,678
Description: The equipment supports the theories and curriculum taught in advanced inorganic chemistry.

Project: Advancing Carbon Neutrality: Using the Kanawha Model to Facilitate Climate Change Literacy
Recipient(s): Dr. Nancy Manring, Political Science; Loraine McCosker, Environmental Studies
Amount: $19,968
Description: This project uses the successful Kanawha Project to advance the implementation of the University’s Climate Action Plan, build awareness of climate change issues, and enhances the undergraduate curriculum through a climate change-themed Learning Community.

Project: The Garden as a Classroom: Cultivating Sustainability Awareness at the West State Street Research Site
Recipient(s): Sarah Minkin, Environmental Studies; Arthur Trese, Environmental & Plant Biology
Amount: $20,000
Description: The award supports the construction of a pavilion and greenhouse at the West State Street site where students will gain an enriched understanding of sustainability and expanded opportunities for place-based learning.

Project: Peer Led Team Learning in Biological Anthropology
Recipient(s): Nancy E. Tatarek, Sociology & Anthropology
Amount: $14,208
Description: This proposal seeks funding for a pilot study of the efficacy of the model of peer-led team learning (PLTL) for Anthropology 2010. The PLTL model uses small, team-led sessions to enhance student learning and has been proven effective over time.

Project: Strengthening War and Peace Studies at Ohio University
Recipient(s): Patricia Weitsman, Political Science; Haley Duschinski, Sociology & Anthropology
Amount: $17,652
Description: This proposal seeks funding to enhance The War and Peace Studies program, providing this fast-growing and in-demand program with the support it needs to better manage its curricular infrastructure.

The 1804 Fund awards are part of Ohio University’s The Promise Lives Campaign, which will raise $450 million by June, 2015 to support students, faculty, research and creative activity, community outreach and select facilities. To date, the Campaign has raised more than $427 million in support of these priorities. To make a gift, visit


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