April 13, 2014 at 2:18 pm

11 A&S Students Awarded Enhancement Funds for Research

Wilson Hall 170pxCollege of Arts & Sciences students received 11 of the 24 Ohio University Student Enhancement Awards program announced in March.

A total of $115,945 in funding was awarded for original research, scholarship and creative work. The Student Enhancement Awards are funded by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Creative Activity and administered by the Council for Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity, which is appointed by Faculty Senate.

The program received 55 proposals with a total funding request of $304,257. Students may request up to $6,000 per proposal. For more information about the program, visit

The 2014 recipients from the College of Arts & Sciences are:

  • Nicole Brooks (undergraduate student, biological sciences; mentor: Darlene Berryman) received $6,000 forTreating Obesity and Increasing Longevity: A Link to FGF21 and Growth Hormone in Adipose Tissue.
  • Paul Converse (graduate student, biological sciences; mentors: Dr. Willem Roosenburg and Dr. Shawn Kuchta) received $5,695 for Conserving Genetics of Diamondback Terrapins.
  • Brad Eidahl (graduate student, history; mentor: Dr. Patrick Barr-Melej) received $6,000 for Writing the Resistance: The Rise and Fall of APSI and Chile’s Opposition Press.
  • Seth Givens (graduate student, history; mentor: Dr. Ingo Trauschweizer) received $6,000 for Cold War Capital: The United States and the Fight for Berlin: 1945-94.
  • Eric Gorscak (graduate student, biological sciences; mentor: Patrick O’Connor) received $6,000 for Descriptive and Comparative Morphology of Titanosaurian Sauropods: Characterizing Paleobiogeographical Patterns of Cretaceous African Terrestrial Faunas.
  • Stephen Marshall (graduate student, psychology; mentor:  Dr. Steven Evans) received $5,965 for At-risk High Schoolers Transitioning to Adulthood: The Detrimental Effects of Mental Health Conditions and Mediating Factors on Early Outcomes.
  • Sneha Pandya (graduate student, physics and astronomy; mentor:  Dr. Martin Kordesch) received $5,620 forQuantum Dot Mid-IR FPA Deposited by Inert Gas Condensation.
  • Cheng Qian (graduate student, biological sciences; mentor: Dr. Robert Colvin) received $5,910 for Validation of an Alzheimer’s Disease Cell Model Based on Neurotoxicity of Amyloid-beta Oligomers.
  • Samantha Rommel, Elizabeth Cychosz, and Katie Conlon (undergraduate students, sociology & anthropology and history; mentor: Dr. Haley Duschinski) received $6,000 for Imagining International Justice in Post-Conflict Cambodia.
  • Nick Tomeo (graduate student, environmental and plant biology; mentor: Dr. David Rosenthal) received $6,000 forVariation in the Diffusion of Carbon Dioxide Inside Leaves as a Source for Agricultural Yield Enhancement.
  • Debra Walter (graduate student, biological sciences; mentors: Karen Coschigano and Kelly McCall) received $6,000 for Coxsackievirus Infection in the Non-Obese Diabetic Mouse.

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