June 29, 2022 at 4:56 pm

25 Arts & Sciences Faculty Promoted, 15 Granted Tenure

Wilson Hall on College Green

From Ohio University News

The Ohio University Board of Trustees voted in June to award promotion to 25 College of Arts & Sciences faculty members, with seven named full professor, 15 promoted to associate professor with tenure, and three named associate professor of instruction.

“Tenure-track assistant professors generally apply for promotion to associate professor and for the award of tenure after five years of services with Ohio University, although the College of Arts & Sciences considers applications for tenure and promotion one year early in exceptional cases,” said Florenz Plassmann, dean of the College of Arts & Sciences.

“Promotion to professor does not follow a mandated timeline, and faculty apply when they have fulfilled their department’s requirement for promotion to professor. Instructional faculty are expected to spend at least five years at their current rank before applying for promotion,” Plassmann added. “To be considered for promotion, faculty need to demonstrate achievement in the areas of teaching and service, and tenure-track faculty also need to show achievement in scholarship and creative activity.”

“The College of Arts & Sciences always has the largest number of promotions of any college at Ohio University. We had 31 faculty promotions in 2020, 27 faculty promotions in 2021, and 25 faculty promotions in 2022” said Plassmann. “I am very proud of the many achievements of our College’s faculty that have been the foundation for these promotions–they are a great testament to the important position that our college holds in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and service.”

The following faculty received promotions:

  • Jonathan Agensky, Associate Professor with Tenure, Political Science
  • Nicholas Allan, Associate Professor with Tenure, Psychology
  • Sabrina Curran, Associate Professor with Tenure, Sociology and Anthropology
  • Yaqin Feng, Associate Professor with Tenure, Mathematics
  • Adam Fuller, Associate Professor with Tenure, Mathematics
  • Heather Hopgood, Associate Professor of Instruction, Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Jill Ingram, Professor, English
  • Joseph Johnson, Associate Professor with Tenure, Biological Sciences
  • Ian Klein, Associate Professor of Instruction, Biological Sciences
  • Daniel Kline, Associate Professor of Instruction, English
  • Victoria Lee, Associate Professor with Tenure, History
  • Amy Lynch, Associate Professor with Tenure, Geography
  • Jaclyn Maxwell, Professor, History
  • Daniel Moak, Associate Professor with Tenure, African American Studies
  • Gabriela Popa, Professor, Physics & Astronomy
  • Kimberly Rios, Professor, Psychology
  • Cortney Rodet, Associate Professor with Tenure, Economics
  • Andrew Ross, Professor, Political Science
  • Myrna Sheldon, Associate Professor with Tenure, Classics and Religious Studies
  • Rebecca Snell, Associate Professor with Tenure, Environmental and Plant Biology
  • Eric Stinaff, Professor, Physics & Astronomy
  • Kirstine Taylor, Associate Professor with Tenure, Political Science
  • Anna Terman, Associate Professor with Tenure, Sociology and Anthropology
  • Christopher Thompson, Professor, Linguistics
  • Nathan Weyand, Associate Professor with Tenure, Biological Sciences

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