August 30, 2021 at 1:48 pm

Ohio Innocence Project-U Welcomes Interested Students

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The Ohio University Chapter of the Ohio Innocence Project-U will host its first meeting on Sept. 1 at 6 pm in Bentley Hall 011.

OIP-u provides a way for undergraduate and graduate students to raise awareness to the issue of wrongful conviction through events, biweekly meetings, tabling, and fundraising.  The organization is affiliated with the Center for Law, Justice & Culture.  

OIP-u is affiliated with the Ohio Innocence Project, based at the University of Cincinnati College of Law, which actively pursues exoneration initiatives on behalf of individuals who have been wrongfully convicted and incarcerated. To date, the organization has freed 28 individuals that were wrongfully convicted. They also advocate for lasting criminal justice reform through legislation.

OIP-u works to help shine a light on the issue of wrongful conviction. In the past, this organization has hosted several exonerees on campus to speak about their firsthand experience with the criminal justice system and share their story of being imprisoned for crimes they did not commit.

OIP-u OHIO Chapter Past Events:

If interested in becoming an OIP-u member, please contact chapter President Molly Moore at

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