August 12, 2021 at 2:29 pm

A&S Support Staff: How and where to get help

Need to book travel? Purchase lab supplies? Hire a student? … The College of Arts & Sciences Support Team is here to provide support to faculty and staff and help maintain a supportive teaching and learning environment.

Our college staff are organized by expertise in purchasing, academic procedures, grant management, and more. The pages for the Academics Unit and Finance Unit break down which staff support which departments:

  • Academics Unit (course evaluations, course schedule entry and updates, graduate program support, syllabi collection, swipe access to college buildings, and more) See who supports your department.
  • Compliance Unit
  • Building Liaisons (key distribution, facilities issues, copier maintenance, mail delivery and packages, office supplies)
  • Finance Unit (budget and monitor accounts, process ICD contracts, honorariums and blanket purchase orders, etc.) See who supports your department.
  • Procurement Unit (purchasing, Concur report assistance, travel, etc.)

Not sure whom to contact? Email the A&S team at, and they’ll get your question to the right person.

“As we return to campus this fall, you will see some of the college support team members from these units in our academic buildings. But it’s important to note that these ‘Building Liaisons‘ are all members of our centralized units—academics, finance, procurement, accounting, and even student affairs—so their plates are very full,” said Dr. Florenz Plassmann, dean of the College of Arts & Sciences.

“Depending on what you need help with, you might be consulting one of the teams above, but we also want you to know exactly what those staff located near you are doing in your building,” he added.

Building Liaison ABCs

Access (key distribution)

  • Distribute keys to faculty, staff, and graduate students
  • Order keys
  • Track key inventory
  • Unlock doors for people who have locked themselves out or forgotten their key
  • Note: swipe access requests go through in a new window) and require a PID number (requests need to be submitted by a faculty member on behalf of a student)

Building (Facilities issues)

  • Report issues to Facilities (leaks, replacing ceiling tiles, defective or broken window, etc.)
  • Coordinate pickup and replacement of secure shredding bins by external vendor
  • Request recycling and extra trash bins from University Recycling and Custodial Services
  • Update signage for faculty offices and department listings

Copier maintenance

  • Unjam copiers
  • Call ComDoc for repairs
  • Ensure backup supplies are available (toner cartridges, waste bottles, replacement drums and fusers, etc.)
  • Manage copier codes
  • Ensure paper supplies are sufficient

Delivery (mail and packages)

  • Distribute mail to department mailboxes
  • Sign for packages
  • Provide mail charge slips
  • Provide shipping forms
  • Update mailboxes with new faculty and graduate student names, as needed

Supplies (office supplies)

  • Monitor office supplies and order as needed (includes orders from Printing Services for such items as scantrons, blue books, stationery, etc.)

For all other questions, email the A&S support team at

Undergraduate students should consult the Office of Undergraduate Advising & Students Affairs in the College of Arts & Sciences.


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