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March 31, 2021 at 9:14 am

Get Ready for #OUVirtualExpo on April 8

Liahna Brown at work on Blue Forest Game, sitting in front of her computer with headphone.

Liahna Brown at work on Blue Forest Game

From Ohio University News

Ohio University students will be flooding Twitter and Instagram on April 8 to show off their research and scholarly accomplishments in this year’s Student Expo.

“Students should tag @bobcatsdiscover and include the #OUVirtualExpo hashtag in the post,” says Roxanne Malé-Brune, director of grant development and projects. “We also encourage presenters to post to other platforms as well. Just remember the #OUVirtualExpo hashtag so we can find you!”

Male-Brune notes that 347 students registered for the Expo and encourages others to post about their research and creative activity on that day, even if they did not register. “It’s not too late to participate!” she says.

This year’s Expo features a first-time video option, and 140 videos, as well as all the registered projects, can be viewed through the Ohio Open Library:

Use the search function to find presentations by person, department, college and keywords.

People interested in following social media posts can check out BobcatsDiscover (Twitter and Instagram) or search for the #OUVirtualExpo hashtag.

“We encourage everyone to view, re-post, like and comment on posts!” adds Male-Brune. Also, a special thanks to Expo team members, Riley Hoepfner, Kelly Nottingham and Cami Post.

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