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June 24, 2021 at 4:48 pm

Jungkunz Discusses Critical Race Theory in Washington Post Opinion Column

Dr. Vince Jungkunz, associate professor of Political Science at Ohio University, authored an opinion column in the Washington Post headlined “Who’s afraid of critical race theory? Not the students in my classes.”

… The people railing against critical race theory not only lose the opportunity to help dismantle racism in America but also lose the opportunity to claim healthy moral standing. My students, on the other hand, have forged ahead without letting fear derail their honesty about the racism they witness. And as they tell their truths, they lose nothing for it. In fact, they benefit from their openness. They gain the ability to empathize, to see others’ pain — and they develop a vision of justice based on its ability to bring peace instead of hate and violence….

Read his column in the Washington Post.

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