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June 17, 2021 at 1:00 pm

Campus Underground Interviews Jungkunz on Critical Race Theory

The Columbus Underground quotes Dr. Vince Jungkunz in a story headlined “Despite Bill Proposals, State Receives Few Complaints on ‘Divisive’ Critical Race Theory.”

Reporter Susan Tebben interviewed Jungkunz, associate professor of Political Science at Ohio University, about the controversy over critical race theory.

A professor who has studied and taught the concepts of race as part of history for two decades says the movement to rid the country of critical thinking on race isn’t a surprise.

“This is very much within (the conservative) playbook, although they’ve become more aggressive since Trump,” said Vincent Jungkunz, associate professor of political science at Ohio University and its Center for Law, Justice & Culture.

What does surprise Jungkunz is how the academic concepts came to be in the spotlight, which he says had nothing to do with any push by educators or liberal advocates.

Read more of their conversation in the Campus Underground article.

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