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May 6, 2021 at 9:43 am

Science Magazine Writes about Just’s New Book on COVID-19

Winfried Just, portrait

Dr. Winfried Just

Science Magazine writes about Dr. Winfried Just’s new book COVID-19 Unmasked: The News, the science and common sense in a story headlined “Tackling the persistent and sometimes controversial questions about COVID-19.”

Ohio University mathematics professor Winfried Just’s new book COVID-19: Unmasked – The News, the Science, and Common Sense tackles the persistent and sometimes controversial questions people have been asking about COVID-19 in a new, conversational way.

“I wanted to write this book after observing the misunderstanding and misconceptions people have regarding the pandemic,” Just said. “We’ve seen deliberate spread of misinformation since the beginning of COVID, which can be very dangerous to the health and wellbeing of people reading and believing it.”…

Read the rest of the story in Science Magazine.

Just is professor of Mathematics at Ohio University.


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