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November 14, 2019 at 8:58 am

Chronicle of Higher Ed Reports on Rural School Report by Klein, 3 OHIO Alumni

Dr. Robert Klein, portrait

Dr. Robert Klein

Chronicle of Higher Education reporter

A report on the state of rural education came out last week, asserting that some schools and places “face nothing less than an emergency in the education and well-being of children.”

Bob Klein, one of the authors, said the report is meant to be a “a quick dashboard” for policy makers. It includes state-by-state report cards on college readiness and four other measures, including poverty and educational attainment….

For matters like college preparation, one of the biggest obstacles that students still face is a lack of ready and reliable broadband access to the internet. In urban areas, that’s often an issue of cost. In rural areas, it’s often actual access as well. “It’s a huge deal right now,” said Klein, noting that for tests like the SAT and ACT, “a lot of the prep tools are online.”

Read more in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Klein is Associate Professor of Mathematics and a 2019-20 American Council on Education (ACE) Fellow at Ohio University.

, Associate Professor of Mathematics at Eastern Mennonite University, earned an M.S. in Mathematics from the College of Art & Sciences at Ohio University in 2011, followed by a Ph.D. in Math Education from the Patton College of Education at OHIO in 2014.

Dr. Sara Hartman, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education at Ohio University, received her Bachelor of Science degree from Ohio University in Elementary Education in 1997.

Dr. Jerry Johnson, Chair of Educational Leadership Department and Lydia E. Skeen endowed professor of Kansas State University, earned a Doctor of Education in educational administration from Ohio University.

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