April 12, 2021 at 8:50 am

Alumni News | Casey O’Brien Joins Geological Sciences Alumni Advisory Board

Casey O’Brien, portrait

Casey O’Brien

Ohio University alumna Casey O’Brien ’14 has joined the Geological Sciences Alumni Board.

She earned a B.S. Geology ’14 from the College of Arts & Sciences at OHIO, followed by an M.S. Geology  in 2016 at the University of Texas at Austin.

“I grew up in Stark County, Ohio, about a three-hour drive from Ohio University. The route to Athens was one that I knew well, even before my freshman year, as I frequented Ohio University Homecomings with my alumni parents, aunt and uncle, and their college friends. OHIO was the only choice for me, and I showed up in the fall of 2010 undecided in my major, but quickly found geology as the perfect intersection between science, art, and the outdoors,” says O’Brien.

“After some quick research into job prospects in the oil industry and being told I could spend two more years in college for a master’s degree, I was sold. From there on I had a wonderful four years in the Geology Department, learning fundamentals and spending late nights in the old geology building, Clippinger Laboratories, and occasionally 18 W. Union St.”

Read more at her alumni board profile page.

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